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ICM EL Wire, starts with a core of phosphorescent material coated, flexible copper wire. Two hair-thin wires are then wrapped around the core. A waterproof sheath is applied before the colored translucent plastic layer encapsulates it all. When a high frequency electrical voltage is applied, it glows like neon. The wire is flexible and emits light along its entire length as well as its circumference.

Cool to the touch, it can be cut to any length, from centimeters to thousands of meters. ICM Electroluminescent wire can be powered by either battery operated drivers (DC) or by household current (AC).

The innovative electroluminescent (EL) lighting wire is an electronic component protected by worldwide patents. The wire is flexible, emits light along its entire length as well as its circumference, and is available in a wide range of diameters. It is available in a wide range of colors.

High Luminance EL wire

Specification: Diameter0.9\1.4\2.3\3.2\4.5\5.0mm
Basic colour:red\blue\green\orange\yellow\purple\orange-red\ Grass-green\white
Working Voltage: AC 100-120V

Working Frequency: 0.8-1.2KHZ

Deposit temperature: -20 - +65??-4 - +149?

Use temperature: -20 - +55??-4 - +131??

Distortion angle: Is smaller than 30

Average alternating current:50mA

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